The Scientists

Ankit Jain
Deepanshu Jain
Pradeep Rathore

New Product Design & Development. Ideation. Team Selection. Induction. Collaboration. Stimulation. Keeping things moving & playing several hats in a single day is my art!

The rockstar developer. Always introspecting and ideating. Keen on developing on new features for the product. I am full of IO knowledge.

One of the front runners in product innovation & a major contributor in all the lab prototyping experiments. Electronics is my forte.

The Mechatronics - V

Torque. Loads. Stress. Balancing.

Motors. Connections. Mechanics. And everything in between. I am the guy of how things work!

The Research Scientist - V

If reading about everything is one of your hobbies and experimenting with every other object your motive, then we really need you here!

Non Scientists (V - Vacancies)

The Planner - V

Planning ahead. Strategising. Creating deadlines, & Following up, sticking to the timelines. I will make sure that we are ahead of our schedule!

The Buzz Creator - V

I make 20 posts on FB in a day. I got 50 comments on my new DP. My page got 5000 likes in one month. If you are one of those, we are looking for you!

Keeping the lab alive! (Investors & Promoters)

Sanjay Jain

One of the industry veterans, he has 34 years of experience in the lock industry. Having a stronghold in production, his innovations has made Jainson Locks, one of the most secure & reliable lock choice in the market.

Ajay Jain

One of the most recognized face in the hardware business community. Having a strong focus on sales & marketing, his leadership has made Jainson Locks, one of the largest selling brand in India.